Portfolio of Finished Work
Residential Portfolio
Many of Ernie's most innovative designs have occurred in the residential space. Kitchens are a speciality of the company and are often selling points for homes advertising "Kitchen by Ernie Gross"

Our residential portfolio includes an array of custom kitchens as well as entertainment centers, built in cabinets, furniture, bathrooms and even a very elaborate walk in closet.  This is a small sampling of the wide array of creations that we have created for the discerning home owner.

Commercial Portfolio
Commercial design and construction is Ernie Gross Design's core business. We have worked in all spaces from banks to the club level of the UT football stadium.

Our commercial portfolio includes work we have done in a local casino, banks and restaraunts.

Religious Portfolio
Some of our most evocative work has been in the religious space. Products from Ernie Gross Designs have become integral parts of synogogues and churches around the country.

Religious work tends to be some of the most complicated, ornate work we do and in turn some of the most professionally and emotionally rewarding.

The sight of people coming toeghter to wroship in a space that you helped create is truly one of the most magical moments and artisan can have.

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