Most of the early business that allowed Ernie Gross Designs to grow into the company it is today was residential.  Ernie quickly gained a reputation for exceptional kitchen design, creating beautfiul, functional cooking spaces that become focal points of the home.

Ernie expanded beyond kitchens to design custom furniture. Utilizing exotic lumber and creative designs, this furniture greatly enhances a homes comfort and appeal.

As home owners demand more personal touches, we have risen to the challenge; creating an array of built in entertainment centers, libraries, bathrooms cabinets, bars. We can enable you to realize and custom woodworking vision you have for your home.

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The commercial side of Ernie Gross Designs has been responsible countless commercial projects.  From the grand board room table made of book matched slabs of solid mahogony to the cherry entrances to a chain or retail stores, Ernie can create a design to match your needs.

Some of our most exciting recent work icludes the casework for a new bank, the interior of several new restaraunts and the club level of the University of Tennessee football stadium.

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Religious Art and Installations
Religious commissions have long been a favorite project for Ernie Gross Designs.  The passion and emotion that religious art and places or worship can elicit makes these projects especially rewarding.

While a majority of our projects have been for synagogues, we have worked with most major religions to create the woodwork that enhances the religious experiences of the members.   These projects include ornately carved arks, pulpits, even entire churches including seating and casework.

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